Wednesday, July 15, 2009

let's try not drinking

okay so i got a $177 ticket for peeing in public that i don't even remember. this, along with the debts i already had from overdrafting while drunk, led me to a decision: i'm not drinking for two weeks. i have decided to document this at least a little bit, but i'm already three days in. in summary:


I was hung over, so this day barely even counts.


Job interview, making a video for (guess how i snagged this job? yeah, my dad owns it.) They have a terrible video on their website of my dad (back when he had a moustache) explaining to the camera how customers can use their flexible spending accounts (i still barely know what these are.) They want me to remake it and make it entertaining while still knowledgable, and funny! I don't know how the fuck I'm going to do this but the interview goes well and I have until august to retool their script (which is just a paragraph of voice over right now). I shoot in a studio in the first week of august with some woman who used to be a newscaster around here and whatever helpers I decide to bring along. It figures two days into not drinking I get a real sweet job. Fuck lessons.

Later that night I went to Andy Holt's, where a bunch of people were drinking. I brought a case of mountain dew and drank that instead of beer. By the end of the night when everybody is hinting for me to leave so they can go to bed I am stacking things on a chair to see if i can jump over it successfully.


That was today/yesterday (it's kind of 4am now). I left my house one time today, and that was to pick up my takeout from chili's. not drinking sure is fun.