Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Oh, hey blog.

Whuddup. I'm in an internet cafe in Athens right now that I just kind of found while exploring. I left my hostel in Corfu at around 5:30am for my flight here. Now I'm here and my flight to Barcelona (connecting in London) isn't until 9pm. So I gots time, yknow? I'm just chillin in Athens alone.

Where to begin.

I believe the last time we spoke, you and I, I was just letting you know what it's like living in London. In summary, I like it. I've yet to mention any travelling, but I guess that's because I haven't really done that much. A few weeks ago I went to Dublin to visit the twin. That was fun. I'm going back next week for St. Patty's Day, but that'll be another story.

Anyway, it's spring break right now. My first half of it is done as of today, and that involved Greece. Me and that new-pal from a few entries ago Bret flew to Athens last friday and saw some stuff while waiting to meet up with Ashley/Michelle/Christine/Caitlin/Karen. We spent the night in Athens, didn't even go to sleep, and in the morning boarded a bus for Corfu that ended up taking around 9 hours (ferry included.) It wasn't so bad, though. I just kind of couldn't sleep in the back so I watched a bunch of episodes of The Wire on my iPod. Did you see that shit? I just spelled iPod and formatted it correctly with capitalization and shit. How awesome is that? Answer: Not at all.

Corfu. We arrive and are picked up and taken to the Pink Palace, where we're staying. Holy shit, this was the place for me. The staff heartily encourages and participates in bingedrinking. I felt right at home seeing as I black out about five nights out of any given week. The first night I got drunk and passed out at about 9pm after scouring their used book selection for any and all Stephen King (ended up with two books, Cell and Night Shift. I'm reading Night Shift right now, it's a collection of his short stories. Pretty fuckin good so far.) The next morning I was hung over so I actually made it to breakfast in time. It was fucking beautiful outside so they announced they'd be doing a 4-wheeler ATV safari. I signed up and rode that bike up and down the Greek countryside like it was a whore that owed me money. Man, it was sweet. We basically drove up a bunch of mountains and through villages. At one point we all had to stop because a man and his dog were in the road. That was fun. We had lunch on top of a mountain. The whole time I was driving I couldn't get the Mario Kart 64 music out of my head and I really wanted to start throwing different colored turtle shells or banana peels.

That night there was a toga party, so we all toga-ed out and I met a very, very nice group of girls (Chelsea, Chelsea, and Emma) from NYU who I liked immediately because they were really fucking funny, which set them apart from the rest of the girls there who were kind of sorority-whore cumdumpsters constantly shouting MORE TEQUILA SHOTSSSSS and making out with guys who call each other "bro" in a non-joking way. I remember having a really good time and talking to people, and then all of a sudden I opened my eyes and I was naked in my bed, breaking my record of wearing pajama pants every night for at least a year now. Breakfast that day was interesting because I found the chelseas and emma and they relayed to me a bunch of stories about me after I blacked out. Apparently I was trying real hard to get them to go to the hot tub and they wouldn't, so when they left I shouted after them "FINE! GO WATCH THE VIEW!" There had been no prior talk or reference of The View, so I guess I just said this because they are girls, and girls watch The View. Vaginas. Sure.

That day I was led by two dogs to the beach (they seriously would wait for me behind corners and stuff, and not keep walking til they saw me. I just followed them and ended up at the beach. Those dogs were pretty fucking cool.) I walked pretty far out and ended up climbing a bunch of huge rocks like in Lord of the Rings. Being alone, nobody could take a picture of me doing this, so I just took a bunch of pictures from there. It looks like a fucking beach, there was absolutely no difference made by me being on that huge rock. I don't know, I just did it I guess. Anyway, I decided to retire and nap because I knew I had to leave at 5am the next day (today) and planned on just getting drunk all night until my cab. I couldn't sleep all day, got maybe an hour of actual sleep while I missed dinner, and then just woke up and got drunk anyway. The aforementioned girls were back in full force and, being cool as fuck, stayed up with me at the 24hour hostel bar all night until I left for the airport. Thanks, Chelseas and Emma. The bartender was wasted too so he basically was just letting us go behind the bar and do whatever we wanted, changing the music and making ourselves shots. Bret stayed up with me for a little while but then gave up and went to bed, proving once more that NYU girls are way more hardcore than Bret.

5am rolls by. I bid a drunken, sloppy adieu to the girls and go to my room, noisily and obnoxiously packing all my stuff and undoubtedly waking up the three other people attempting to sleep in there. Fuckem. I go back downstairs, backpack fully equipped, say goodbye to the dogs, and get in the cab. At this point I was in such a state of sleep deprivation that shit all seriously blurs in my memory, but I guess I got on my flight, blinked, and I was in Athens. Here I am. I was going to just spend twelve hours in the airport but about an hour into that brilliant plan I was like fuck this and took a train into the city. I've been exploring and adventuring around, somehow not getting lost. Hopefully I'll be able to find my way back to the airport. I have about six more hours before I can even check in, and ten more hours before my flight leaves. I think I'll be able to figure it out. I'm gonna go try to find a gyro or something.

Barcelona soon. I'll be meeting up with shaboy Taylor, who is one of the better friends I've made in London because he
a) is also from Wisconsin, blessing him with the requisite reckless alcoholism
b) knows the movie Last Action Hero as well as I do
and a few other people who I barely know but have gotten drunk with at least once or twice.

Let's do this to this.