Tuesday, January 20, 2009

i'm in london now

i had half a post written about getting here but i'm not even going to finish it. i jumped on a plane last week, came to london, and i'm here now. the hangover i had the morning after i got here, which was hangover combined with jet lag, was definitely on the top two hangovers i've ever had (in no order, the other being the hangover after the super bowl freshman year, during which i took a bath just to distract myself and ended up watching forrest gump with rob while we moaned the whole time about our heads). Yeah, I woke up and it felt like my skull was too small for my brain. I began to recound my night to my roommate (who chose not to go out) and he told me I already told him all about it last night. I don't remember coming back at all so this is a surprise to me.

My first night began in the student bar (we have a bar on campus, so close to where I sleep it's going to be dangerous) and then a shitload of us were led by our r.a.'s to a bar down the street called The Metropolitan. I imagine I'll be seeing a lot of this place. They had some great beer. The Guinness was, indeed, remarkably better than America's. I met a shitload of people, got some british dude's number (just as a friend, LOL!) and was taught the proper way to get a pint at a bar ("elbows in, shove to the front, then elbows out") before blacking out. I don't remember getting back. Apparently me and new-pal Bret hung out with some girls and drank champagne, and one of them was furious at me all night because i couldn't remember her name (they told me that my explanation was "well, i DID know your name, but that was the past, and we're in the future now." i'm pretty ashamed to have said that because "we're in the future now" is in every way incorrect. we can never be in the future. the future is in the future. we're in now now. where we'll always be.)

I'll continue this laterrrrrrrrrrrrr